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Welcome, Maria!

The first few months of 2021 have been most eventful. Beautiful Skin is continuing to be established in the state as a unique skin care atelier where truly elegant, non-invasive treatments produce amazing results. I am so grateful for each and every person who has trusted me in this bold adventure during an international pandemic. What timing!

The most important event this year so far is the addition of Maria Dutro to the Beautiful Skin staff.

Originally from the Philippines, Maria has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology. What a perfect background for a skin specialist! Remarkably, Maria served as the Head Pastry Chef for the Royal Family in Dubai for seven years. She speaks English, Tagalong, and Arabic!

Maria has trained with me since her graduation from aesthetics school. She is an eager student and loves to explore the demanding and seemingly endless world of techniques and skin care discoveries to meet the needs of each client. She meticulously uses the advanced protocols and procedures of the prestigious skin care line that we all love, Biologique Recherche.

Personalized from start to finish...

The very foundation of all things at Beautiful Skin demands that every treatment is completely personalized from start to finish. Maria incorporates sculpting and lifting techniques, lymphatic drainage, and the knowledge of each skincare line with their individual approaches to problematic or aging skin. All these techniques are applicable to those guests who want to achieve or maintain healthy skin.

Maria has also trained with Julie Bach, founder of Wellness for Cancer. This training enables her to skillfully work with guests whose lives have been impacted with cancer.

She not only brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to her work, but also an eagerness to provide a time and space away for each client. Coupled with her gentle and kind demeanor, her knowledge and intensive training make her equal to the high expectations of each Beautiful Skin guest. She also offers a full waxing menu.

Please recommend her to your friends and family who want to start a great skin care journey!

Beautiful Skin: the first full-service Environ Skin Care center in Colorado Springs!

I originally trained with Environ in the early 2000’s when Environ was relatively new to the US. I have always been impressed with Dr. Des Fernandes’ approach; his reliance on science and his protective attitude that you don’t need to torment the skin to see results!

Environ has won over 200 international awards including the 2021 “Top Medical Skin Care of the Decade” from the Aesthetics and Cosmetic Medicine Awards. This award validates the amazing work Dr. Des has accomplished in the nearly 40 years since he experienced the tragic death of two young patients to melanoma in his plastic surgery practice in Cape Town, South Africa. Des set out to discover how he might help protect or renew our skin from the ravages of the sun and environmental issues. In doing this he became a pioneer in the use of Vitamin A. His approach, however, includes no retinoid reaction and is sustained by a “go low and slow” approach.

And now, Environ and their proven results are firmly established around the world.

At Beautiful Skin, we are now ready to share the products and treatments with you.

Certain Environ products can be used on children as young as six months and results are visible at all ages!

Our Environ treatments include Environ products along with specialized technologies to enhance results. Have you heard of “needle rolling” or “microneedling?” If so, you now know that Dr. Des was the inventor of this concept and you will hear more about that from us!

DF Ionzyme

Several specialized Environ treatments involve the DF Ionzyme machine delivering its transformative magic through the interaction of an algae mask and electrodes. These ‘magical’ frequencies course through the algae and gently penetrate your skin.

Talk to your Beautiful Skin esthetician to determine how we might incorporate Environ into your homecare and what treatments might be of value as we work together toward healthy and beautiful skin!

And don't forget to protect, protect, protect this summer. SPF every two hours, hats and protective clothing.

Share Beautiful Skin!

How can your friends discover the benefits of Beautiful Skin?

The first step is to share your personal experience. I truly believe there is not another atelier in Colorado that delivers the results that are experienced here. It is no exaggeration that the combination of truly amazing products and broad and intensive training that have crafted our unique facial treatments are rare.

Please tell your friends about us! Follow BeautifulSkinColorado on Instagram and Facebook and please write reviews for Yelp and Google. I’ll send out details on how to do that soon.

Forward the BeautyGrams and BeautyPrescriptions to your friends (please add rebecca@BeautifulSkinColorado to your address book so they don’t end up in your spam file).

Not everyone will choose to enjoy our facials, but everyone can enjoy the amazing products we have curated for their unsurpassed results. Please share our presence since we can’t be discovered as a typical storefront!

Don’t forget that sharing Beautiful Skin with your friends and family means a savings of $25 on your next treatment!

June Specials – Environ SkinCare and LightWave Treatments

In June we will focus on introducing Environ facials with the incredible DF Ionzyme machine. As always, each treatment will be based on individual need. Select a 75- or 90-minute facial.

For the month of June, the special introductory price of the Environ facial is $150 for 75- minutes and for the advanced treatment of 90-minutes (highly recommended!) only $175.

This is a wonderful way to be introduced to the world of Environ!

LightWave: One of the most respected companies in the evolving world of light therapy.

The patented Red, Infrared, & Blue Light therapy can dramatically revitalize your skin without any downtime or discomfort. These innovative aesthetic treatments help counteract years of sun damage, environmental damage, aging, acne, and acne scarring. LIGHTWAVE provides noticeable results, often in only a couple of treatments, without the high cost and downtime of other more expensive treatment options.

A few treatments are successful as stand-alone sessions, but for best results, multiple treatments should be done in a series of 60-minute sessions. The number and frequency of sessions will depend on your skin condition and the type of treatment selected.

Many Lightwave treatments can be “Express” so you are quickly in and out!

Examples of treatments with Lightwave are:

  • Plumping Hydration Gel Mask

  • Firming with Lightwave

  • Collagen Renewal

  • Skin Bright

  • Blemish Control

An individual treatment is $150. Series of 3 for $425 (save $25)/Series of 6/$825 (save $75)

Book a Lightwave Series during June and save 15%.

  • Single session/$127.50

  • Series of three/$361.25

  • Series of six/$701.25

Stay tuned!

Two big announcements for July – Stay tuned for new treatments and new products, as we never rest from our efforts to provide you with the very best! We’ll be introducing an exquisite product from Switzerland that is perfect for our high-altitude dry skin. And one of the most desired treatments in skin care will be hitting our doors soon. Be very excited!

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