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Bringing you the benefits of research

Maria and I have spent the summer researching, training, and continuing to add new services and products to our already stellar offerings. Our quest to bring you the very finest skin care available insures we will never rest on our laurels!

This quest entails avoiding the traps of medical treatments. Many medical facial treatments have long been a challenge for me as so many of them are contrary to my paradigm of gently coaching the skin to health. Over the past 18 years I’ve witnessed portions of the industry gradually becoming aware of the long-term effects of over-exfoliating and “torturing” the skin. This awakening is guiding manufacturers to creatively develop equipment that now delivers results without the trauma.

NEW treatments that will delight you!

Beautiful Skin Colorado is now “home” to the Cynosure Tempsure Envi (and Tempsure Firm for Body.) I had been researching this equipment based on reports from a Florida esthetician who treats many of the Victoria's Secret “Angels.” I called my friend and mentor, Aida, in New York to see if she knew of anyone in NY using it and she had become a proud owner herself! Her clients were thrilled with the results …now I was on a mission!

Why is Tempsure my choice? It is a radio frequency (RF) device that is an absolutely proven approach to tightening skin. Our research confirmed that in the field, other equipment options delivered some results but most didn’t!

So why Tempsure over all the other RF devices on the market? Skin-tightening is the result of stimulating collagen, but the delivery mechanisms must be extremely precise. We now know exactly the heat required and exactly the length of time the heat needs to stay precise. Tempsure Envi is amazing at doing exactly that and at the same time feeling like a warm massage, not a burning fire!

Tempsure isn’t a “one-and-done.” Instead, we work with each individual body’s ability to optimally respond. Collagen synthesis begins to be evident at around the 30-day mark and will continue for six months. The healthier your lifestyle and the less sun damage you’ve had, the better your body will respond. Age, of course, is also a factor. The older we are the more challenging it is to stimulate collagen so we keep our expectations realistic and do more treatments!

I’ve personally had two treatments now and I am delighted! My jawline is tighter, the saggy jowl area is less noticeable and my neck has fewer and less deep wrinkles. I will continue doing one each month for a total of six treatments. And I’ll continue to see improvement for a year.

A full face and neck the treatment is two hours because we have chosen to end the treatment with either the amazing BR collagen feerie (collagen) mask or the Valmont exquisite collagen mask. These masks are significant additions too the treatment adn you will be delighted with the results. We can also do an eye focus treatment or low face, neck, and decollete.

To truly see the full benefits of skin-tightening we would anticipate monthly treatments. For the absolute BEST results we will continue with our Biologique Recherche facial mid-way between those monthly treatments. Skin tightening is just one aspect of skin health and the age-defying work we do. We don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of our monthly Beautiful Skin facial and it will support the collagen production along the way.

Beautiful Skin: The first to introduce Glacial RX...

We are also delighted to be the first to introduce the new-to-market Glacial RX. Beautiful Skin was selected by RX, the first age-spot removal technology treatment that uses patented cooling technology to freeze melanin at its source.

There are two parts to the treatment. One is Spot Freeze and the other is a Global Cool Facial. Generally speaking, this means we treat the entire face! The results of each Glacial treatment takes 30 days (or longer depending on factors like age, metabolism, etc.) We are treating all cells in the epidermis which means that all affected cells need to come to the surface and be exfoliated. Here is a link to see the process in action:

This treatment is about 75-minutes and includes a Biologique Recherche pigment mask to boost the results.

Both treatments should be thought of in a series although the Glacial treatment is less specific.

During October we are reserving both machines for current Beautiful Skin clients. Please schedule as soon as possible because times will be limited!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or text.

Please call (719-465-2586) or email ( for pricing.

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"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder." -- Ralph Sockman

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