Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Each month your Beautiful Skin Newsletter will provide you tips on skincare, health, and aging well. Feel free to share with others!

Welcome to Beautiful Skin Colorado's first newsletter!

This newsletter is the first of monthly newsletters to introduce communications you'll now be receiving on a regular basis. In this newsletter we'll be giving you a sneak preview not only of our monthly newsletter look and feel, but also our weekly Beauty Prescriptions and BeautyGrams.

Our weekly Beauty Prescriptions will provide you with practical tips, techniques, and suggestions on how to achieve and maintain radiant skin while also improving health and attending to the regimens that will promote aging well.

Our weekly BeautyGrams will be 'short and sweet' messages aimed at brightening your week with a combination of beautiful photos and inspirational quotes. Because "what we think about we bring about" and "we become what we behold," our aim is to nourish your heart and mind with images we hope will stick with you throughout the week and become a virtual treasure chest over the course of a year.

See below for a sneak peek!

Introducing Beauty PRESCRIPTIONS...

Rebecca's weekly Beauty Prescriptions will provide you with weekly tips we think you'll love. And if you like them as much as we think you will, don't be bashful about sharing them with others!

Introducing BeautyGrams!

In addition to our weekly Beauty Prescriptions starting in April -- "on the run" messages aimed at enhancing personal health and well being in addition to beauty -- we'll be sending you weekly email BeautyGrams designed to inspire, uplift, and awaken readers to the beauty that surrounds us. Inspirational quotes will go hand-in-hand with stunning, heartwarming, and often humorous photos to brighten your week and lift your spirits.

BeautyGrams will provide a regular visual feast to remind readers of the Wisdom manifest in Nature (and in you!) and instill a deepening appreciation for the daily beauty and small miracles that regularly surround us but too often go unnoticed given the hurried pace of our lives.

Stay tuned! We think you'll like them!

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”

- Henry David Thoreau

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